Moving My Blog

Hi, there. I’m going to be moving my blog here: Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my posts on that site, as well. If I get the problem fixed, I may post on here in the future. Stay tuned and have a great day.


Diet Results

I got so lazy that I didn’t post the remaining days of the calendar, I’m already on the monthly ones, u.u

Remember when I went on the 1200 calorie diet? I couldn’t stick to it a lot of the time (I couldn’t help it, my family cooks). Now, here are the results.

Starting (Right in the morning)

119.8 lbs (Pounds)   54.3 kg

After 10 days (I forgot to check after 1 week, oops)

118.6 lbs   53.8 kg

I expected to lose more than that but looking at it now, I’m pretty content.

After 4 days

117.3 lbs   53.2 kg

Woohoo! Just in case you’re wondering, I checked my weight in the morning before I ate or exercised. I follow the Blogilates Calendars (August, right now. I just finished the beginner’s)

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 22

I think this was one of my favorite days (Mainly because I had a cup of milk tea in one hand and Youtube in the other).

The Ultimate Hot Body Workout

This was BRUTAL for my abs and glutes especially because I already did the butt workout (Below). Hard.

5 Best Butt Exercises to Sculpt a Cute Booty

Woohoo! This was pretty difficult. Butt (Hehe, I mean but) since it was my glutes, it was bearable. I was a little trembly after. Medium – Hard.

How To Do The Splits | Invade London

Easy, since I can already do the splits. It was still a good stretch.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 20

Butt Lift & Slim Thighs

Easy. The hot potatoes were a bit fast but nothing I couldn’t do.

Fat Destroyer

Medium – Hard. I couldn’t even do some of them (Lack of space and breath). I’m glad I did it, though.

Amazing Upper Back & Leg Stretches

Easy. I couldn’t do the first stretch because there was no space (It might have been one of the main stretches, I know). The rest were easy enough but the one where you have to stretch your leg to the opposite side was harder.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 19

This was from ages ago and I was too lazy to update. ^-^;

Fun Cardio Workout

Medium. I could complete it this time without breaks. Yes!

Lower Belly Flattener

Medium. I never feel anything when I do the reverse crunches, I don’t know how to fix that. This video was great, though.

4 Minutes to Flat Abs and Toned Thighs

Medium – Hard. This one, I couldn’t do well. I didn’t know if I was doing something, I might have.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 17 + 18

I’m not sure if I did the cardio warm up that day. Let’s start.

Beginner Inner Thighs

This, for some odd reason, was harder than the first time I did it. I could hardly lift up my legs! But I would still say it is easy.

Pumped Up Cardio Warm Up

This was easier than before, so it’s a good medium. My face wasn’t beetroot red like that time.

Stretching For Flexibility

Easy. I loved this one! I tried a few times before and found that I couldn’t do a back bridge and it was such a great feeling when I could this time.

I decided to stretch as much as I can and walk my hands toward my legs, I could definitely do more but I was too scared that I might injure myself ^^; .

Extra Exercises

I don’t think I do any extras anymore, hehe. Somehow I don’t have time. =.=; I hardly even dance, which is crazy for me.