Diet Results

I got so lazy that I didn’t post the remaining days of the calendar, I’m already on the monthly ones, u.u

Remember when I went on the 1200 calorie diet? I couldn’t stick to it a lot of the time (I couldn’t help it, my family cooks). Now, here are the results.

Starting (Right in the morning)

119.8 lbs (Pounds)   54.3 kg

After 10 days (I forgot to check after 1 week, oops)

118.6 lbs   53.8 kg

I expected to lose more than that but looking at it now, I’m pretty content.

After 4 days

117.3 lbs   53.2 kg

Woohoo! Just in case you’re wondering, I checked my weight in the morning before I ate or exercised. I follow the Blogilates Calendars (August, right now. I just finished the beginner’s)


Diet Results Update

You probably expected me to tell you my results. Erm, I was dumb enough to take it at different times so I have to tell you the results of the current week. Don’t worry, I’ll be recording my weight properly this time.

And you may be also wondering why I act like there are people reading my blog when there aren’t many. The main reason is that I don’t mind, I like to pretend.