Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 17 + 18

I’m not sure if I did the cardio warm up that day. Let’s start.

Beginner Inner Thighs

This, for some odd reason, was harder than the first time I did it. I could hardly lift up my legs! But I would still say it is easy.

Pumped Up Cardio Warm Up

This was easier than before, so it’s a good medium. My face wasn’t beetroot red like that time.

Stretching For Flexibility

Easy. I loved this one! I tried a few times before and found that I couldn’t do a back bridge and it was such a great feeling when I could this time.

I decided to stretch as much as I can and walk my hands toward my legs, I could definitely do more but I was too scared that I might injure myself ^^; .

Extra Exercises

I don’t think I do any extras anymore, hehe. Somehow I don’t have time. =.=; I hardly even dance, which is crazy for me.


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