Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 23

POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout

Easy. It’s surprising how much easier this has become.

6 Minutes to a Sexy Little Waist

Medium. I didn’t feel it in my obliques, u.u .

Quick Ab Workout

Medium. I really felt my abs for this one.


Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 22

I think this was one of my favorite days (Mainly because I had a cup of milk tea in one hand and Youtube in the other).

The Ultimate Hot Body Workout

This was BRUTAL for my abs and glutes especially because I already did the butt workout (Below). Hard.

5 Best Butt Exercises to Sculpt a Cute Booty

Woohoo! This was pretty difficult. Butt (Hehe, I mean but) since it was my glutes, it was bearable. I was a little trembly after. Medium – Hard.

How To Do The Splits | Invade London

Easy, since I can already do the splits. It was still a good stretch.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 19

This was from ages ago and I was too lazy to update. ^-^;

Fun Cardio Workout

Medium. I could complete it this time without breaks. Yes!

Lower Belly Flattener

Medium. I never feel anything when I do the reverse crunches, I don’t know how to fix that. This video was great, though.

4 Minutes to Flat Abs and Toned Thighs

Medium – Hard. This one, I couldn’t do well. I didn’t know if I was doing something, I might have.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 17 + 18

I’m not sure if I did the cardio warm up that day. Let’s start.

Beginner Inner Thighs

This, for some odd reason, was harder than the first time I did it. I could hardly lift up my legs! But I would still say it is easy.

Pumped Up Cardio Warm Up

This was easier than before, so it’s a good medium. My face wasn’t beetroot red like that time.

Stretching For Flexibility

Easy. I loved this one! I tried a few times before and found that I couldn’t do a back bridge and it was such a great feeling when I could this time.

I decided to stretch as much as I can and walk my hands toward my legs, I could definitely do more but I was too scared that I might injure myself ^^; .

Extra Exercises

I don’t think I do any extras anymore, hehe. Somehow I don’t have time. =.=; I hardly even dance, which is crazy for me.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day ‘This Is Messed Up And I Forgot’

I messed up all my videos now. I did the first two videos of day 17 and did the Muffintop Massacre, 5 Best Ab Moves and another ab video that I forgot (Something like that) on the next day.

Muffintop Massacre :

Medium, it was hard at times. I wasn’t sore the next day at first but later on I was sore like I wanted to be (By sore, I mean my obliques)

The rest were easy enough to medium and I liked them. Except one of them wasn’t (The 5 best ab moves, I think) weren’t effective. I didn’t feel it in my abs that much. I also did 21 star jumps, 6 push ups, 21 jumping jacks, 21 jumps, 21 criss-cross jacks.

Here’s the page :

And the other :

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 16

I messed up the calendar a bit, haha. I instead only did this for the day.

POP Pilates Beginner Total Body Workout

I don’t have much to say about it except that I found it easier (Or I became stronger, whichever way) and I’m still doing something wrong because I don’t feel it in my glutes, I think I know how to fix it though. Mode : Easy.

I don’t think I did any extras either. I did the other video in the next day (Next post). Already on week 3!

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 15

I had a few days off. Probably shouldn’t have. . .

1st video5 Minute Ab Express

Easy. I feel like doing it again, it’s challenging enough.

2nd videoFeel Good Soul Stretches

Easy. Good stretches.

Overall Difficulty


Extra Exercises

1. 30 Star jumps

2. 3 burpees (With push-ups)

3. About 21-23 push-ups

4. 70 jumping jacks

5. 30 criss-cross jacks

6. 50 climbers

7. Some other tiny things that don’t really matter.