Hanajirushi Face Washing Cream Review – 3 Different Types

First proper review. ^-^. Let’s start with the Amino Acid one.

Normal. It isn’t anything special, but it’s just fine. I don’t really feel like my skin is more moisturized or anything.

Next up : Lemon Fragrance (I think)

I usually use this after a long day out and it makes my skin look cleaner. The lemon fragrance (Which most people dislike) isn’t noticeable. Good enough, no reaction on sensitive skin.

Last one : Unknown (It’s white colored) ^^;

I don’t see a difference between this and the Amino Acid one.

Overall, it’s nothing special, it’s okay. It’s an extremely short review, hopefully it’ll be useful to someone.


How To Foam Up A Cleanser Easily

Super easy way to do this. I used to have a problem with foam cleansers not turning foamy (Like it’s supposed to), it rarely became light and airy. You might have wondered why I had written ‘Cleanser’ and not ‘Foam cleanser’. It’s because it works for both!

1. Just take a plastic bottle (It’s better to use a disposable drinking water bottle since it’s wayy cheaper and more bendy). I prefer using a spray bottle because it has the perfect shape but it started having dents so I had to switch.

2. Squeeze some face wash/cleanser into the bottle and add very little water. The more water, the runnier it is. You can add more as you go. Put even less for normal cleansers.

3. Shake it up and down. If you can feel that there is liquid as you shake it, you probably put too much water. Squeeze and pour it out. Done. Good luck. ⌒▽⌒

DIY Facials That Have Worked So Far

Hullo. I only have three facials, heehee. I’d love to know what your results are, feel free to tell me if it worked on your skin. The first will be the easiest to prepare and the last would be longest (Not that long).

  1. Green tea (Or jasmine tea) facial. Boil some water and pour it into a teapot or bowl (Any container you wish). Add a tablespoonful of green tea, remember to make less so that you don’t waste any. Splash it onto your face or apply it with your fingers (it’ll dry quickly, no worries). Or, put it in a spray bottle and, well, spray it. Usually, it wouldn’t go bad for at least a day, so you can do this more than once. I prefer the spray bottle version because it’s much faster and you can spray it on easily without getting your fingers wet. (For example: Sitting at the computer or reading a book). I honestly just love drinking jasmine tea(Green tea with jasmine flowers, not disgusting or weird like you’d imagine), too. My jaw dropped all the way down through ground to Argentina (That’s exaggerating, actually, hehe) when I found out that people sweetened it. No, no, no, that sounds horrible (For me). (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ This makes your skin glow overtime (According to me)
  2. Milk mask. You can either use milk or milk powder. I prefer milk powder because you can choose how thick you want it to be, it stays on your face without it running down to your neck and make you look like you’re crying milk. I wait until it’s dry and scrape it off (Don’t scrape too hard). This is for brightening.

3.  Honey lemon mask. I don’t know if this okay for sensitive skin since it has lemons and oranges but you can try if you wish. You’ll need honey, 1 lemon and some orange zest. It’s better that you make enough just for one time otherwise, keep it in the fridge. Pour some honey into a container or saucer, squeeze a little lemon juice (Just enough to make it a little less thick) and sprinkle some orange zest. You still need the honey to be very sticky, it won’t work as well if it’s too runny. This is also good for brightening and moisturizing (I think). I put it on and start patting it (A little strange), it should be sticky and might have a slightly weird sensation (Almost ticklish).

If you’re wondering about the lack of pictures, I’ll try to take some once I get my hands on a lemon and an orange (Won’t be soon, sorry).

That was a little long, sorry (;*´Д`)ノ. Teehee. ( ̄^ ̄)尸 Thanks for reading, though. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

How I Exfoliate

Hullo again. Today, I’ll be writing about exfoliating and how I do it. I don’t exfoliate all that much but when I do, this is usually my routine. The product I use is not typically what you would choose: facial cream. Any type would do, lotions or cream. I have even tried it with face wash and it works just as well.

1. The first thing I do is apply a good amount so that it stays on my skin and doesn’t get absorbed so quickly.

The next step may sound harsh on your skin but it works fine on sensitive skin too.

2. Use your fingernails to gently scrape the cream off. You’ll notice that the cream will be quite visibly thicker afterwards (^^” Gross, hehe). Be sure not to scratch your skin or scrape too hard.

3. Wash your face with water or a wet towel. All done.

So that’s the method that I always use when I exfoliate, I’ll be sure to post about any new methods that work for me. Good luck and tell me the results if you try it! ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶