The Positivity Diet

I’d really like you to take just a few minutes to read this post. At whatever time of day that you have those minutes to spare. What I’ll be writing about today, is about the Positivity Diet. You’ve often heard people starting diets in which they control their food portions and what they eat but have you ever heard of someone doing the same to their thoughts?

Maybe you have already or maybe you haven’t, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter, though, is that if you’re willing to go on the ‘diet’. It’s pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Let’s start with why I decided to do this. I was bored and decided to go re-visit The Secret’s website (You should check out their movie) and as always, I get tired of reading so many success stories that I couldn’t relate to (That’s not the reason. I get bored, I just do, probably because their site should be more lively and bright. Let’s get back on track >.< .

I never found ‘The Secret‘ aka Law Of Attraction (LOA) to be consistent or easy to get the hang of. I though, golly, I’ll have to find out today, I just have to try again and see what I’ve been missing.

What step am I doing wrong or forgetting? Is there a way to do the steps in a better way? How do I ‘forget’ and ‘let go‘? And so, I visited a few websites and blogs, searching for the answers to my many questions. At last, I found a website that was more useful and decided to start with positiveness. I listed things that I am grateful for. But they also mentioned that you could read Pollyanna. I went through the Wikipedia of it and read it’s plot.

I later, out of boredom, read the whole story (It was very conveniently in public domain). It was a great story, although at times a little difficult to read (What with all the ‘ter’, ‘yer’, pertaters and all the rest, although that was only among some of the characters). You should definitely check it out.

Also, if you didn’t know, ‘Public Domain’ means that it’s legally been made available for free since the copyright has been removed.

So, if you’ve read the plot, you’ll have known about the ‘Glad game’ by now. I’ve been playing it for 2 days straight and it’s been a wondrous change. I’ve noticed how I got annoyed over the smallest of things and how useless that was. The game helped a lot with my negativity and made me feel a lot more positive and happy for the entire day. Everything seemed a lot more fun and exciting, inviting and pleasant.

I really do think you should try playing it, there’s so many things to be thankful or ‘glad’ for that the list can almost, just almost, never end.

I have to sign off now, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed the post. I will surely be writing more on being positive. Have a nice day!