Diet Results

I got so lazy that I didn’t post the remaining days of the calendar, I’m already on the monthly ones, u.u

Remember when I went on the 1200 calorie diet? I couldn’t stick to it a lot of the time (I couldn’t help it, my family cooks). Now, here are the results.

Starting (Right in the morning)

119.8 lbs (Pounds)   54.3 kg

After 10 days (I forgot to check after 1 week, oops)

118.6 lbs   53.8 kg

I expected to lose more than that but looking at it now, I’m pretty content.

After 4 days

117.3 lbs   53.2 kg

Woohoo! Just in case you’re wondering, I checked my weight in the morning before I ate or exercised. I follow the Blogilates Calendars (August, right now. I just finished the beginner’s)


Strange Fitness Program – Results

Here are the results! It ended on the 3rd of August. Annoyingly, my measurements were not taken properly (Someone helped me with it and they didn’t make sure it was parallel to the ground). I was also taking it with a measuring tape that was not accurate at all. If it said 25 it’s actually 35, if not more.

I’ll be skipping the wrong measurements (Which is a lot, I’m left with only legs)


Up to 0.5 inches down only.


(L) 0.5 inches (R)1 inch



I have nothing else. Whoops u.u

For now, I’ll be mainly focusing on weight (Even though I’m gaining muscle as well). Trying harder!

Starting a ‘Diet’

Hi. Ever thought that diets are useless, unhealthy or hard? I do. Well, for most of them. I wouldn’t call this a diet, it’s more like eating healthier.

So here it is, a 1200 calorie diet (I started this yesterday and ate 1300 calories, I’m fine with going up to 1400 sometimes). I got myself a notebook specially for this purpose (Food and fitness tracker), I find it fun to write in it.

If anybody would like me to post some entries or the food I ate including it’s calories, I’ll be happy to. I’ll also be posting my weight after each week.

According to a few calorie intake calculators, I need to eat 2000 calories to maintain my weight (Crazy @.@) and 1200 to lose 1-2 lbs per week (Something like that). I’m unsure about this but apparently, for my waist measurements, I’m overweight. On the higher end of a healthy BMI, I’m a little scared of gaining ever more weight, hence starting to control my calories.

Just so it’s easier for you to read, I’ll write a short list.

Waist Measurement     

Overweight (I’m not sure about the number)


10 pounds or so from overweight


12 in most, 10 in some.

Bone Frame Size



158 cm

That’ll be it for this post. Reading all these measurements really motivates me to lose extra fat/weight and tone up. Hoping I’ll get results soon. Thanks for reading!

Strange Fitness Program That I’m On

I haven’t really posted about ‘fitness and weight loss’ like I’m supposed to so here we go. Why am I calling this program strange? It’s because I made this program myself and there are no rules at all, not a serious program but I shall tell you the results when I’m done with it. I’ve measured myself, my weight, my height. I’ll be making small changes in my food proportions or  like not eating that bag of chips, walking around the house even more than I already do (I’m jobless ̄ー ̄), doing about 50-100 jumping jacks whenever I like, etc. I have also started doing a pilates workout from Blogilates. If you’d like to try it, just do anything you want. I have set my goals, no matter how ridiculous and we’ll see what happens. Oh and it’s a 1 month program. Also, I’ll be trying to grow taller. Hopefully, I’ll at least get some result. ⊂((・▽・))⊃