Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 13

Naww, I was too lazy for this day. I hardly did anything.

1st video5 Minute Fat Burner

Once again, do not get fooled by the ‘5 minute’. I couldn’t even do one In Out Donkey Kick. The star jumps were crazy too, I couldn’t jump anymore. I just quit altogether (It was also quite late and I was lazy). This is too hard for beginners, I’ll keep trying though. So, the difficulty is hard.

2nd video – Push Plank Challenge

I couldn’t download the video. Hehe ^^;

3rd videoKiller Legs

Easy. I did this twice to slightly make up for what I missed.

Extra exercises

Practically nothing.

50 jumping jacks

That’s it. What a failure :’D. And I had a break for 2 days u.u

For today, which is rest day, I’ve done only 20 star jumps and I’ll be trying the donkey kicks again. See you next time!


Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 12

First off, I failed the 2nd video and the 3rd was really rushed. It stopped loading and there were, er, problems (Totally didn’t do this workout at 11 PM).

1st video Beginner Abs and Butt Workout

Easier than last time but those earthquakes. T.T

2nd video Abs on Fire

Oh yes they were. I could only do half the video and those ‘star lifts’ (Something like that) were crazy, tried to do as many as I could (Which was not much at all). I tried to make up for the other half, which probably was much harder than this, by repeating half the video.

3rd videoRelax With Me Stretch

This would’ve been relaxing but I was in too much of a hurry so it didn’t have the same effects.

Extra Exercises

1. 21 flights of stairs

2. Badminton

3. Nothing else ^^;

Hanajirushi Face Washing Cream Review – 3 Different Types

First proper review. ^-^. Let’s start with the Amino Acid one.

Normal. It isn’t anything special, but it’s just fine. I don’t really feel like my skin is more moisturized or anything.

Next up : Lemon Fragrance (I think)

I usually use this after a long day out and it makes my skin look cleaner. The lemon fragrance (Which most people dislike) isn’t noticeable. Good enough, no reaction on sensitive skin.

Last one : Unknown (It’s white colored) ^^;

I don’t see a difference between this and the Amino Acid one.

Overall, it’s nothing special, it’s okay. It’s an extremely short review, hopefully it’ll be useful to someone.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 11

My muscles are really sore these days.

1st videoPick Me Up Quickie Workout :

Medium to easy. The arm move, I probably did wrong because I either couldn’t lift myself up or my hips hurt a little.

2nd videoBody Slimming Workout :

Easy. I always like this workout, the parachuters hurt my neck though.

3rd video6 Minutes to Sexy Thighs :

Don’t be fooled by the title. Although it’s only 6 minutes, some of the moves kill your thighs. The ‘Windshield Wipers’ were fine for the first leg but I just had to pause and re-do what I missed for the second leg.

Overall difficulty level :

Easy. Her descriptions are funny sometimes so it helps with doing the workout ^-^

Soreness level :

A good amount. Sore the next day.

Extra exercises :

1. 21 flights of stairs

2. 50 jumping jacks

3. Push-ups, I don’t know how many.

4. Dancing

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 10

Let’s get to today’s workouts.

1st video

POP Pilates for Beginners Ab Time : Easy. I didn’t feel like it worked my abs for a just a few moves.

2nd video

Bubble Butt Workout : Easy. I didn’t feel the burn the first time doing this (I did something wrong) so I did it the 2nd time.

3rd video

Best Stretches for Chilling Out : Easy and relaxing. It made me stretch out my muscles and calm my body.

Overall difficulty :

I was sweating, yes. It was easy enough though.

Extra exercises :

1. 21 push-ups

2. 21 flights of stairs

3. 10 bridge pulses

4. Dancing (I should seriously start doing more)

5. 100 jumping jacks

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 9

Whoops, lagging a day behind in posting again.

Video 1

POP Pilates for Beginners Total Body Workout (Whew!) : Easier than last time (So it’s an ‘easy’). But I didn’t feel any burn in my bum, hehe.

Video 2

ABC abs : Hard (For me). This killed my abs, especially the one fore your lower abs. I had to cheat and come down for a few seconds, ^^; . It was really quite fun because of the game (Sort of a game). I couldn’t think as quickly as she did, though.

Soreness level :

My calf/calve muscles. Thigh muscles. Butt muscles. Arm muscles.

Extra exercises :

1. 21 flights of stairs

2. 100 jumping jacks

3. 21 push-ups

4. 60 jumps

5. I didn’t dance. O.0 That’s shocking.

Blogilates Calendar Journal – Day 8 (Week 2)

It’s the 2nd week!! Let’s get right to it.

Video 1Fun Indoor Cardio Workout : Hard. I know there could be harder but this was quite hard. I’ve done worse (So much worse) but this reminded me of those workouts. My face was extremely red and I was sweating for a span of time after it. It made me feel accomplished, though, I liked that.

Video 2Body Slimming Workout : Medium. I had fun with this one.

Video 3Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain : Easy. This was quite relaxing as well.

Extra exercises :

1. Dancing (Not as much as usual)

2. More than 21 flights of stairs

3. 21 push-ups

4. 100 jumping jacks (Not counting the ones that were supposed to be done in the morning in the calendar)

5. 10 squats

6. 21 side kicks (While tiptoeing and kind of like martial art kicks)

7. 21 of my weird move (It’s described in my first post ^-^)

Overall difficulty level : Can’t really say. Medium – hard, maybe.